Top YouTube Channels for Wine Lovers

Top YouTube Channels for Wine Lovers - Top YouTube Channels for Wine Lovers

If you are interested in learning more about wine but prefer to learn watching videos, we have the perfect resources for you. We would like to introduce you to some YouTube channels that the wine lover in you will appreciate.

Wine Folly

This channel has an average of two uploaded videos per month and they show videos travelling around the world through wineries.  They also talk a bit about the history behind the locals and the wines.

Wine Spectator Video

If you are looking for advice, tips, interviews and anything related to wine, you will findeleven videos a month about these topics are uploaded on the Wine Spectator Video channel.


For those wholook for a wine expert’s opinion, the wine critic known worldwide has a YouTube channel to which he uploads six videos a month.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

The well-known institution validates people’s knowledge of wine in many ways and their YouTube channel is updated with about two videos quarterly.

The Extract

This YouTube channel’s owners upload weekly videos that are fit for both beginners and experts. You can find videos dedicated to discussing wine with growers and international winners alike.

Wine Express

The YouTube channel of this wine shop will provide you with about three videos a week, containing the tasting experiences of the channel’s owners.

Bordeaux Wine

If you are trying to find videos that embrace the fine art of wine crafting and the nuances attached to the heritage and passion for this, you want to check out Bordeaux Wine. They upload about once a month.

Wine Enthusiast

Since 2008, this channel has been uploading a video a week. In those videos, you will be able to watch their events, useful how-to guides for using all kinds of wine accessories.

The Grape Explorer

This is a British channel that takes you for a fun journey into the wine world. Their videos often provide information about items as important as winning countries and the grape varieties.

It is a fun channel too, as their videos include several tasting challenges and even product unboxings. You can enjoy a new video three times a week.


For those wine lovers on a tight budget, this channel is of great help because its owner posts weekly videos talking about affordable wines that do not compromise on quality.

Wine Circle encourages the passion for wine to be nurtured and indulged infrequently. Make sure you subscribe and follow these YouTube channels to broaden your wine-related knowledge and enjoyment at any time.